Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I've been thinking.

I really need to...
Do something in my life, you know?

I mean, I know I'm only 14 and I can't do much at that age. But.. I've been browsing blogs.. A lot of people actually do things.
I... Don't do things.
I don't do anything.
It's kind of depressing.
I really need to do -something-. I could write more. I should write more.
I could draw more. I should draw more. But I don't have anything to draw... I really, really, REALLY wish I was in an art class! *despair*
I want to get a part time job. I now, silly. But I do!
I want to work part time at an animal shelter. There's an animal shelter around here, but not close enough. And I don't know how old I need to be...

I dunno.

Feeling discouraged right now. :-/

I REALLY want to take art lessons. Private art lessons. Or public ones. I don't care.
I need to get in touch with Mrs. Christianson again!
Maybe I can come and see her after school some days?
Now I'm really excited.
I'm going to e-mail her right now.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Yes, it has..

I had a weird reminiscing moment today. I was chatting with Preeti on Facebook, and Geethika brought up Pebbles, and that made me think about the PEBBLES! running joke, and then the Lobster Claw joke...
*Activates seriousness*
It's funny. When something leaves, you don't think about it much. You just move on. Things fade away.
Then something is said, or thought, or done. Someone says PEBBLES! or LOBSTER CLAW! and there I go, thinking about watching Pirates of the Caribbean and yelling at the bloody idiot characters. Making jewelry and trying to figure out what they where called, reading the name "Lobster Claw" and cracking up, even seeing the part that said "Latch" after the "Lobster Claw". That lead to something like this;

"Lobster Claw?"
"Lobster Claw?"
"Lobster Claw!"
"Loobster Claaw!"

And every once in a while in school,
"Hey, hey Preeti!"

And then me prattling on and on about WoW things that nobody understood, and mentioning Pebbles the crab, and then, after a while,

*squeaky high voice* "PEBBLES!"
*Squeaky higher voice* "PEBBLES!!!"

And so on..

You know, we don't do that much anymore.
*Seriousness off*

GEETHIKA. Get the freak back here.
Or else I'm going to LOBSTER CLAW your face.

We can't do the PEBBLES triangle without you!

Note - New WoW patch came out. And I can't hear chat.
You know how irritating that is?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Guess what.

Yes, I am still alive.
Just don't have that much to talk about in my life. :-P

Lets see..
I could talk about how Echo barfed in the car again. Or the enormous.. yeah...
I could talk about videogames.
I like that idea.
So, lets start. First off- Left4Dead 2.

Looks epically awesome! I -love- Left4Dead. More zombies, more guns, chainsaws, new creepy zombies, new high-tension areas...
I hope it has a storyline this time. Last time was kind of disappointing in that way, but then again, you can't pay attention to storyline when you have a mob of zombies on your heals.

Then there is Assassin's Creed 2.

This is what I've taken from the trailer/commercials..
Same game (a few cooler ways to kill people), with a total cliche of a character. Long dark hair in a ponytail, obviously handsome, driven by rage/revenge... Really? You can do better then that. Altiar was a freaking awesome badarse. This guy looks like your typical comic character.
Plus, it looks like they tried to turn your character into a superhero.
Also.. Killing guards with a sledgehammer? Oh, that's exactly what assassins who don't want to be noticed do.
Also also, the trailer? Almost exactly the same as the first games. :-/
And you had a -love interest- at one point? YOU'RE AN ASSASSIN. I know I'm probably being stereotypical, but really!

So, yeah. Any thoughts?

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Random thoughts start.... now.

First off...

I'm a writer. I love writing. I write stories for fun! I have a billion story ideas, most of which I write 2-15 pages of and then stop for a variety of reasons. Sometimes I drive my characters into a ditch that they can't get out of, sometimes I decide the whole idea was stupid, sometimes I suddenly hate the main character, sometimes I just lose the notebook that I was writing in! I still have a bunch of ideas I want to expand on...

There's Makers, one of my old ideas. I've explained it before - there's a "race" of godlike people(Called Makers) that live above every life-bearing planet, deciding what will happen and making it happen. They use a power source called Sols, little floating transparent orbs that look like glowing marbles, to use magic. This magic can let them create paths to walk on, create light, or add to/change their bodies. The humans, or the "Made", are mostly oblivious of the Makers. However, a somewhat small group of them called the Rebels are, well, rebelling against the Makers, saying that they don't have the right to decide what happens.

There's also After Death, I Follow. It's a story about two young women that die, and are made into Death and the Receptionist. They go about reaping souls and getting into fights with Angels. The problem with this story is that I don't have a goal, really... But I really like the idea. I think I wrote 16 pages of this story before losing the notebook...

There's the Half-animal story. It centers around several half-animal people, who are on a journey to save their kind from human aggression. I really like the characters in this story, and I really should continue it... I even like the story line. *Bangs head for not writing more of it* I even know where the notebook is... And it's got to be near 20 pages long.

Then there's the story I'm writing right now, centered around two trolls and a wolf who are trying to make The Eye - the sun, basically - stop roasting the world. It gets more deep, with a mystery and fights... The world is really cool, too. It's made up of four orbs, each of which hold a world - the first is the Jungle, colonized by the trolls, blue-furred humanoid people. Then there's the Plains, colonized by the humans. Third is the Snow Forest, colonized by living snowstorms (that can take on a humanoid shape) called Flurries. The last world is the Sea, colonized by a mysterious race called the Hookjaws. They are sea-serpent like creatures that, as the title hints, have long, hard, hook-shaped horns on their lower jaws. Each orb is linked by a bunch of smaller ones, forming a square. In the center of the square is a giant floating eye which turns on it's axis, letting out heat and light and acting as the sun. Every once in a while it blinks, making everything go dark for a few seconds. Every year it closes and the eye sleeps, causing winter. The story line is, two trolls Son'ya and Raz'an see the eye turn blood red, and it closes for a few days. When it opens again, it's blood red, and it lets out so much heat that it starts to roast the world. They, and their friend Tracker Who's Paws Find Life (a black wolf) have to find out why this happened, and put a stop to it, before the world is roasted.
Oh, and the other races have a bit of a grudge against the trolls now, for reasons unknown...

Obviously, by description length alone, I want to work on this latest story. But the problem is...
My friend can work on a story for years and never really get tired of it, or so it seems. I get tired of my stories in about a month. But, I really really want to publish a story, or -at least- finish one. Unfortunately for me, when I get bored of one story, I just can't continue it. It doesn't work!

How am I going to be a successful author if I can't finish one little story?

I guess I'll find out later. I'm not old enough to be thinking about that, I guess. After all, I'm a beginner author. A noob, you could say.
That was a lot more writing then I thought it was.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Playing around with the blog a bit. Expect random changes.

More echo pics.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Puppies are SO CUTE!
Echo is SO CUTER!

We brought Echo home today. He whined a bit in the car, but all is forgiven. After all, he was leaving his puppy brothers and sisters for the first time. He sat on my lap most of the time, looking out the window, snoozing, panting. When he looked out the window, people in passing cars would smile and AWwww at him.
When we got home, I played with him in the kitchen for about 30 minutes, until he collapsed behind mom (she was leaning up against the counter, making a sort of cave behind her back) and quickly fell asleep.

I will post many pictures tomorrow!